Get Involved

This project can be advanced in various ways – if you live in Israel or Palestine you can get involved in the planning committee on the ground, so to speak, and help work on the detailed negotiations that will be needed with the authorities in Jerusalem to make the project materialize. 

If you live outside the region, you can also help by:

  • joining the Friends of the Golden Gate project and support the vision as it works towards manifestation
  • networking the idea
  • offering funding support
  • helping with media outreach
  • ensuring media coverage on the day
  • donating equipment and furnishings for the inside of the Peace Tent
  • donating books to its library etc.
  • volunteer to manage the Peace Tent on a rota basis, so church groups, mosques, and synagogues all over the world are invited to apply to come to Jerusalem and to staff the Tent for a single day
  • some permanently employed staff will also be required to manage the tent on a permanent professional basis.

You can also support the work of IIPSGP, which is the initiating body for this project, and which is based in a Castle in Scotland- where you can also come on retreat for a short or long stay, and help advance the work of the Golden Gate project on a short or long term basis. Networking and research development work for the Golden Gate Peace Project is taking place at the Castle in Scotland and your presence and support there is also much welcomed.

There is also a small office in Israel which welcomes volunteers to help advance this project to its realization stage. A monthly meditation group is also meeting at the time of the full moons, both in Herzeliya, Israel and in Scotland, UK, to focus energies on the realization of this project, and others are welcome to come forward and participate in this meditational work from their own locations. This is a project for the whole humanity and the time is now so please join us in your prayers wherever you are.

We are also asking qualified architects and designers to submit plans for replacing the current bricked-up façade of the Golden Gate with an actual Golden Gate. We are asking therefore that designers, metal-workers and architects submit drawings for a proper “Golden Gate” which would have on its façade the religious symbols of all mankind, and would be a work of art, majestic in beauty, fit for reopening the gate at the start of the new cycle of “peace time”. In due course the best of such designs will be submitted to the appropriate authorities and funding sought to enable the design to be implemented in practice.

To get involved with the work of the GGP please join the Friends of the Golden Gate Project and complete the online form
or email Dr Daffern directly at


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